Hi Robin, my name is Lisa, and I hope you get this email. I want to thank you for your prayers. I am in an abusive relationship and, from time to time, I find myself in need of prayer. I went online and searched “prayers for victims of domestic violence,” and that was one of the best prayers for my situation I ever came across; it helped me a lot. It was very thoughtful. Today was a bad day for me. Earlier at work I was talking to a coworker about therapy, but could not afford a therapist and cannot get to one because of the controlling relationship I am in. When I got home I started to cry, and then I open your email about therapy and I felt it was God-sent. I feel a strong connection to you and your powerful words. I just want some peace in my life. Well, thank you so much.

Lisa A.

I truly believe that the Miracles in Prayer book will be the passport to my peace of mind.

Daria D.

Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing gift of your fascinating ebook! I came across your YouTube video: a sample how-to for prayer. What gloriously simple insights! I have said one prayer as a result and will let you know the outcome, if that’s okay? I recently began to study ACIM for myself and was delighted to discover your website where recordings of the first chapters of the Text are freely available. I usually read the book first, then, as I work about the house, I like to play the recordings to reiterate in my mind what I have read. It is, for me, a very good use of my inclination for multi-tasking. Again, I have nothing to offer currently but my grateful thanks for your generous “teaching aids” to Peace and Happiness. May you be rewarded greatly in accordance with the true desires of your heart/mind. Amen. 

Deeqa F.

I want to thank you for your book. I took a quick glance through it, and I can tell that I will make good use of it. Also, I want to let you know how much I loveĀ Miracles in Prayer Book (http://tinyurl.com/miraclesinprayerbook) and how much I treasure it. I have been watching your YouTube videos as well and love them all. You are a blessing to the world through your work, and I will keep going back to your website for more treasures. God Bless.

Gladys F.

Thank you for blessing me with sharing your great and wonderful ministry through emailing since 2012. I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia at that time… After following along with your sharing, your keys to healing, and believing in miracles, I am living well and getting stronger in my spiritual walk with God while strengthening my physical body… May the Lord bless you and your ministry.

Seewah L.

I have downloaded your eBook and it is amazing. I found peace and it’s really helping. Thank you and God Bless. Regards.

Manoka M.

I am so thankful to have received your Miracles in Prayer book. I am moved to tears while reading and praying. I claim that I will be healed in Jesus’ name. Amen. God bless you more.

Nanette R.